The hydrofluoric acid market rose first and then fell in May

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, the domestic price trend of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid in May first rose and then fell. Overall, the price remained stable. As of the end of the month, the market price of hydrofluoric acid was 11620 yuan/ton, which was the same as the price of 11620 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, with a year-on-year increase of 16.03%.



Supply side: In May, the overall domestic hydrofluoric acid price remained stable, with little change in the operation of hydrofluoric acid plants. Some manufacturers of hydrofluoric acid had accumulated inventory, and the mainstream negotiated price for hydrofluoric acid in various regions in China was 11200-11700 yuan/ton. There were still units parked for market waiting, and the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid was normal. The operation of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid was around 60%. The price trend of hydrofluoric acid in May first rose and then fell.


Cost side: The domestic fluorite price trend increased in May, with an average price of 3806.25 yuan/ton as of the end of the month, and a price increase of 3.57% in May. The game situation in the domestic fluorite industry still exists, and overall, the operating rate of enterprises remains low. The main reason is the tension in upstream mining, with backward mines continuing to be phased out, and new mines still facing difficulties in mineral investigation. In addition, national departments need to rectify fluorite mines recently, fluorite mining enterprises are facing increasingly strict safety and environmental requirements, and some mines are undergoing safety hazard inspections. The difficulty of operating fluorite mines has increased, and the shortage of raw materials has restricted the operation of fluorite enterprises. The supply of fluorite is relatively tight, and the fluorite market trend is rising. The cost support of the hydrofluoric acid market is obvious.


The price trend of upstream sulfuric acid market has declined, with an average domestic sulfuric acid price of 247.5 yuan/ton as of the end of the month, a decrease of 9.17% from the price of 272.5 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. The upstream sulfur market of sulfuric acid has declined, and the cost price has declined. Downstream customers of sulfuric acid have low purchasing enthusiasm for sulfuric acid, and the price of sulfuric acid is weak and stable. The domestic hydrofluoric acid market price trend is temporarily stable.


On the demand side: In May, the prices of downstream refrigerants in the terminal increased, and the operating rate of the refrigerant industry did not change much. Recently, there has been an increase in dealer purchases, and the price trend of R22 has increased. The mainstream of negotiations is between 26000 and 28000 yuan/ton. The quota cycle in the refrigerant market has started, and it is difficult for enterprises to change their reluctance to sell. The sales situation of R134a in China is average, and the market situation in May is relatively stable. Currently, the market price of R134a refrigerant is mostly in the range of 31000-33000 yuan/ton, and the overall transaction in the refrigerant industry is still good. However, with the end of the refrigerant peak season, downstream refrigerant enterprises have weakened their purchases of hydrofluoric acid, and the domestic trend of hydrofluoric acid has fallen by the end of May.


Market forecast: In the near future, upstream raw material fluorite enterprises will face difficulties in starting production, fluorite supply will be tight, fluorite prices will still have support, and sulfuric acid prices will not change much; However, with the end of the peak season in the downstream refrigerant industry, the enthusiasm for purchasing hydrofluoric acid has weakened, and the game situation between upstream and downstream has intensified. In the later stage, the price of hydrofluoric acid has slightly decreased.