On September 23, the acetic acid market price continued to rise

Trade name: acetic acid

Latest price (September 23): 8350.00 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: according to the monitoring of bulk data of business society, the acetic acid market continued to rise. On September 23, the price of acetic acid was 8350 yuan / ton, an increase of 300 yuan / ton compared with the previous working day, with a single day increase of 3.73%. The start-up of domestic acetic acid plants is low, the acetic acid plants of manufacturers in North China and Northwest China are shut down for maintenance, the production of limited films in Shandong and Jiangsu is reduced, the acetic acid plants of many factories in the site are shut down for maintenance or limited production, the enterprise inventory is tight, the manufacturer’s quotation is increased, the supply of goods in the market continues to be tight, the traders have an obvious rising attitude, and the acetic acid market is up.

Future forecast: the domestic acetic acid market is short of supply, the price is strong at a high level, the downstream purchase is rational, and it is difficult to make up for the on-site supply gap in a short time. It is expected that the future market will run at a high level, and pay attention to the downstream transaction.


View on cobalt price trend on September 22

Domestic cobalt prices rose on September 22

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the domestic cobalt price rose on September 22, and the domestic cobalt market recovered. On September 22, the cobalt price was 377600.00 yuan / ton, up 0.75% from 374800.00 yuan / ton on September 17 of the previous trading day.

Summary of cobalt Market

Cobalt salt price rise; The production and sales of new energy vehicles rose slowly, the growth of production and sales of ternary batteries slowed down, and the installed capacity decreased month on month; Global mobile phone sales rose and international cobalt prices rose; The overall rising momentum of cobalt market is strong, which stimulates the rise of domestic cobalt market.

Market Overview

Bai Jiaxin, a data analyst of business agency, believes that the international cobalt price rose on September 22, the international cobalt market recovered, the cobalt salt price continued to rise, the downward pressure on the domestic cobalt Market weakened, and the overall cobalt market recovered. The sharp rise in international cobalt prices on September 22 stimulated the resumption of domestic cobalt prices. It is expected that the cobalt market will fluctuate and rise in the future.


This week, the PVC market first stabilized and then rose, and the price continued to rise above the previous high

1、 Price trend

According to the data monitored by the business agency (the average ex factory price of carbide SG5), on September 17, the average mainstream price of PVC in China was 10125 yuan / ton, up 262.5 yuan compared with 9862.5 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, up 2.66% during the week, 8.14% compared with the beginning of the month and 52.14% compared with the same period last year.

2、 Market analysis

This week, the PVC market stabilized first and then rose. Near the weekend, the price rose rapidly. The enterprise increased by about 250-350 yuan / ton, and the price continued to rise. The rise of PVC prices this week was mainly driven by the strong disk. The PVC futures price rose again to more than 10000 yuan. The highest price in the week was 10285, breaking through 10090 last week, driving the rise of spot market prices. In addition, due to the impact of macro policies, most enterprises are now offering more than 10000 yuan, and the market focus has shifted upward. At the beginning of the week, the PVC market was generally stable, the price was adjusted in a narrow range, and the futures price weakened slightly, but the spot market was not strong in falling intention due to cost support, and the trend was still strong; On Wednesday, Yulin’s “double control” policy was introduced, including raw calcium carbide. Boosted by the news, the disk strengthened on the same day, and the PVC futures price rose rapidly, driving the spot price to rise sharply; Over the weekend, PVC futures prices fell, but the spot market did not follow the decline, and the price was still high.

In terms of spot goods, at present, the quotation range of domestic pvc5 electric stone enterprises is mostly around 10000-10300 yuan / ton. The interval of pvc5 electric stone in Hangzhou is 10250-10350 yuan / ton; The mainstream of pvc5 electric stone in Changzhou is 10200-10400 yuan / ton; The mainstream price of PVC ordinary electric stone in Guangzhou is 10260-10350 yuan / ton; Market prices rose throughout the week.

region workmanship 9 / 17 (yuan / ton) 9 / 13 (yuan / ton) Rise and fall remarks

East China Calcium carbide method 10130-10250 10050-10130 + 80/+120 Ex warehouse

south China Calcium carbide method 10100-10250 10080-10130 + 20/+120 Ex warehouse

North China Calcium carbide method 10020-10120 9920-10000 + 100/+120 Delivered

southwest Calcium carbide method 9950-10200 9800-9950 + 150/+250 Delivered

For international crude oil, on September 16, the international oil price was basically unchanged from the previous trading day. The settlement price of the main contract of WTI crude oil futures in the United States was US $72.61/barrel, with an increase or decrease of 0. The settlement price of the main contract of Brent crude oil futures was US $75.67/barrel, with an increase of US $0.21 or 0.3%. Due to the reduced possibility of another hurricane, the crude oil production crisis in the US Gulf region has been temporarily lifted, but at the same time, there are still some unrecovered production to support the oil price.

Ethylene, the ethylene market in the external market showed an upward trend as a whole. Asian ethylene market prices continued to rise. As of the 16th, CFR Northeast Asia closed at US $1106-1116 / T and CFR Southeast Asia closed at US $1046-1056 / T. European ethylene market prices fluctuated and consolidated. As of the 16th, FD northwest Europe closed at US $1227-1237 / T and CIF northwest Europe closed at US $1163-1170 / T. The price of ethylene in the United States rose. As of the 16th, the price was US $813-830 / ton. Recently, the overall demand of the external ethylene market is OK, showing an upward trend with little increase. The recent fluctuation of ethylene in Europe is mainly small.

Calcium carbide, business agency: on September 17, the factory price of calcium carbide in the northwest rose, the price of blue carbon in the upstream was adjusted at a high level, the cost support was good, the PVC market in the downstream was adjusted at a high level, the demand for calcium carbide increased, the environmental protection in Inner Mongolia was liberalized, and the output of calcium carbide increased. In the future, it is predicted that the price of calcium carbide in Northwest China may rise slightly in mid September.

3、 Future forecast

PVC analysts of business society believe that at present, the higher PVC futures price drives the price rise in the spot market, but the transaction atmosphere of high-priced PVC is negative. Downstream procurement still maintains rigid demand before the Mid Autumn Festival, the replenishment mood is not positive, it is difficult to digest the rapidly rising PVC raw material price, and the support on the demand side is insufficient. It is expected that the PVC market has a high probability of adhesion in the short term, and the price may tend to be stable.


On September 16, the price index trend of China’s domestic rare earth market was temporarily stable

On September 16, the rare earth index was 595 points, the same as yesterday, down 40.50% from the highest point of 1000 points in the cycle (December 6, 2011), and up 119.56% from the lowest point of 271 points on September 13, 2015. (Note: the period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now).

The trend of domestic rare earth index is temporarily stable. The price of some domestic light rare earth praseodymium neodymium series has declined, the price of praseodymium neodymium oxide has declined by 2500 yuan / ton to 600000 yuan / ton, the price of praseodymium neodymium metal is 740000 yuan / ton, the price of praseodymium oxide is 640000 yuan / ton, the price of neodymium oxide is 6275000 yuan / ton, the price of metal praseodymium is 815000 yuan / ton, the price of metal neodymium is 765000 yuan / ton, and the price of dysprosium oxide is 2705000 yuan / ton, The price of dysprosium ferroalloy is 2.66 million yuan / ton, and the price of metal dysprosium is 3.44 million yuan / ton. Some prices in the domestic light rare earth market have fallen. The recent procurement is general, and the price of praseodymium neodymium series is stable. Recently, the price of dysprosium Series in the domestic heavy rare earth market is temporarily stable, the price trend of terbium series is rising, and the downstream procurement is not active. Myanmar prohibits export. It is expected that the price trend of domestic rare earth market will be stable in the later period.


On September 15, the price trend of China’s domestic fluorite market was temporarily stable

Recently, the price trend of domestic fluorite is temporarily stable. The average price of domestic fluorite is 2655.56 yuan / ton. The trading and trading of fluorite in the site is general. The mine is under construction due to the influence of environmental protection inspectors. The price of fluorite raw ore is high. The flotation plant is unwilling to ship at a low price. The downstream hydrofluoric acid industry starts normally and the demand for fluorite is normal, In addition, the fluorite plant in the North started normally, there was little change in supply, the contradiction between supply and demand was intensified, and the price trend of fluorite in the site was temporarily stable. The mainstream trend of fluorite negotiation in the venue has not changed much. The delivery price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia is 2400-2500 yuan / ton, that in Fujian is 2500-2600 yuan / ton, that in Henan is 2500-2600 yuan / ton, and that in Jiangxi is 2500-2600 yuan / ton, but the downstream refrigerant price continues to rise, It will bring some positive support to the upstream raw materials, and the domestic fluorite price is expected to rise steadily.