Caprolactam supply improved and spot prices eased at the end of the month

Price trend


According to the data of business club’s block list, the domestic caprolactam market generally went up in December, and the spot price had a correction in the latter half of the year. As of January 1 of the new year, the average price of caprolactam sample enterprises in the business community was 11000 yuan / ton, which was 4.10% higher than the average price at the beginning of the month.


quotations analysis


In December, the domestic caprolactam market rebounded after rising. In the first and middle of the year, caprolactam continued to be in short supply, and the spot price rose steadily. The monthly peak appeared on December 23, with an average price of 11400 yuan / ton. With the restart of maintenance equipment in the early stage, the supply of goods increased in the last ten days, and the effect began to appear, and the price gradually fell. At present, Shandong Luxi Chemical caprolactam liquid price 10500 yuan / ton, cash factory, factory capacity 300000 tons, the actual deal can be discussed. Nanjing Dongfang caprolactam liquid price 11900 yuan / ton, 400000 tons / year, about 80% of the unit operating rate. The price of Baling Hengyi caprolactam liquid is 11600 yuan / ton, 450000 tons / year, the unit is normally started and delivered by acceptance. The price of caprolactam liquid in Baling Petrochemical Company is 11600 yuan / T. The 300000 t / a unit is normally started and delivered by acceptance.


According to the monitoring of the business community, the price of domestic pure benzene continued to rise in early December, supported by the external market. In the later stage, due to the decline of crude oil, the external market fell, the price of styrene fell continuously, and the inventory pressure of pure benzene northern factory increased, pure benzene pressure declined. Sinopec went through a continuous upward adjustment in the first ten days of this month, with a slight correction at the end of this month, with a total increase of 200 yuan / ton compared with the beginning of this month, and an increase of 50 yuan / ton in North China. The emergency response of environmental protection inspection in northern China is over, and the logistics is restored. It is expected that the purchasing situation of pure benzene will be improved.


Future forecast


Business community caprolactam analysts believe that: at present, the upstream pure benzene market shocks, caprolactam cost support is general, but there is a bullish mentality in the near future. Domestic caprolactam supply increased in the latter half of the year, forming resistance to the rise of spot price. The downstream load level was acceptable, and the price drop dragged down caprolactam and affected the exchange trading. It is expected that the market will be weak in the near future, and the spot price may continue to fall.