Viscose keeps exploring the bottom price and refreshes the lowest price in eight years

According to the price data of business associations, as of August 16, the average price of 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fibers in the domestic market was 11662 yuan/ton, down 3.04% annually, 366 yuan/ton, down 19.46% year-on-year, up to 3818 yuan/ton. Mid-end large factories offer 11500-12000 yuan/ton, high-end large factories offer 1160-12000 yuan/ton. Tangshan has long been famous for its high price of 12,500 yuan per ton. In mid-June of this year, the price of viscose staple fibers was 11450 yuan/ton, reaching the lowest price in eight years.

On Tuesday (August 13), international oil prices rose sharply. Sino-US trade relations sent good signals. China had a serious conversation on the US plan to impose tariffs on some Chinese goods on September 1. Meanwhile, the US representative issued a statement saying that some tariffs imposed on China had been postponed until December 15. This news made the market demand side. Worries abated and international oil prices soared. At the same time, the star futures products PTA, MEG, cotton and so on in the textile industry chain have increased in varying degrees. In recent days, PTA and polyester start-up rate are about 8.5-9%, production and marketing rate has also increased significantly. On August 14, the second day after the incident, the production and marketing rate of polyester filament is 340%, the production and marketing rate of polyester staple is as high as 500-1000%, and the production and marketing rate of polyester chips has reached 100-300%.

PVA 1799 (PVA BF17)

However, the positive macro news did not pass on to the viscose staple fiber industry chain, market turnover is still flat, almost no response to the news, yarn and grey fabric for viscose market take a hollow view.

The price of downstream man-made cotton yarn was 17200 yuan/ton on the 16th day, down 0.72% annually, or 125 yuan/ton, or 14.68% year-on-year, or up to 2560 yuan/ton. Big factories offer two-level differentiation is more serious, middle-end large factories offer 16200-16500 yuan/ton, high-end large factories offer 17400-17800 yuan/ton. From this week’s spot trend of cotton and cotton yarn, the benefits of Sino-US trade are gradually enlarging, yarn prices are trying to stabilize, but downstream demand is still poor, some yarn stocks are still at a high level, and textile mills are still under great pressure.


In summary, business analysts believe that polyester staple fibers and viscose staple fibers are the same door. Polyester staple fibers make good use of the news to drive a large deal of transactions and transfer inventory smoothly. Viscose staple yarn passes smoothly, and downstream cotton yarn still keeps stock for more than 20 days. As the peak season of gold, silver and silver is approaching, the Development and Reform Commission has issued a series of policies to promote yarn sales. China-US trade on September 1 still imposes tariffs on nearly 65% of textile products. Faced with the volatility of Sino-US friction, the Chinese people have become accustomed to it and have little impact. It is expected that the viscose will not fall again in the short term and run smoothly, waiting for September to change its former state and soar into the sky.