The recent weak and downward trend in the acetic acid market

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the price of acetic acid has been continuously decreasing recently (6.17-6.26). On June 26th, the average market price of acetic acid was 3180 yuan/ton, a decrease of 170 yuan/ton compared to the price of 3350 yuan/ton on June 17th, with an overall decrease of 5.07%.


Recently, the acetic acid market has been weak and declining. The acetic acid maintenance equipment in the market has recovered, and the mentality of manufacturers has weakened. Last week, the quotation of acetic acid factories was continuously lowered, while the enthusiasm for downstream entry into the market was not high. Market trading was limited, and the atmosphere on the market was bearish. The acetic acid market maintained a weak operation. With the increase of acetic acid supply, the intention of manufacturers to discharge inventory was obvious, and the acetic acid quotation once again fell.


As of June 26th, the market prices of acetic acid in various regions are as follows:

Region/ June 17th/ June 26th/ Rise and fall

South China region/ 3175 yuan/ton/ 3125 yuan/ton/ -50

North China region/ 3300 yuan/ton/ 3175 yuan/ton/ -125

Shandong region/ 3350 yuan/ton/ 3180 yuan/ton/ -170

Jiangsu region/ 3125 yuan/ton/ 3040 yuan/ton/ -85

Zhejiang region/ 3225 yuan/ton/ 3140 yuan/ton/ -85

The upstream raw material methanol market fluctuates in a range. On June 26th, the average price in the domestic market was 2520 yuan/ton, which is the same as the price of 2520 yuan/ton on June 17th. The methanol market has sufficient supply, but downstream purchasing sentiment is weak. There is a strong need to follow up when entering the market, and demand support is insufficient. Methanol prices are weak and consolidating.


The downstream acetic anhydride market is operating weakly. On June 26th, the ex factory price of acetic anhydride was 5462.50 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.58% compared to the price of 5550 yuan/ton on June 17th. The upstream acetic acid market is weak and downward, with insufficient cost support for acetic anhydride. At the same time, the acetic anhydride market has sufficient supply, downstream purchases on demand, and limited on exchange trading. The upstream market is driving the weak consolidation of the acetic anhydride market.


In the future market forecast, the acetic acid analyst from Shengyishe believes that the main acetic acid factories on the market are currently operating normally, and the inventory of enterprises is maintaining a low level of operation. However, downstream demand is weak, and more purchases are made according to demand. Market trading is limited, and the supply and demand game on the market is expected. It is expected that the short-term acetic acid market will observe and consolidate, and prices may operate steadily. In the future, attention will be paid to downstream follow-up.