On June 28, the sulfur market was weak and downward

Trade name: sulfur


Latest price (June 28):3706.67 yuan / ton


Key points of analysis: according to the price monitoring of the business club, the average price of sulfur in East China today has been reduced by 0.63% compared with yesterday, and the quotations of enterprises have been generally reduced. The sulfur quotations of some refineries have been slightly reduced by 30-40 yuan / ton, and the liquid sulfur of some refineries has been significantly reduced by 150-160 yuan / ton. The domestic sulfur quotation is high, and there is resistance in the downstream. The downstream sulfuric acid market is weak, the demand is weak, the terminal fertilizer is coming to an end, the overall market demand support is insufficient, and the sulfur inventory pressure is increasing. In order to maintain the delivery rhythm, the domestic refineries reduce the quotation, and the overall market atmosphere is weak.


Aftermarket forecast: the short-term sulfur market is vulnerable to consolidation and operation, and the price may continue to decline. Pay attention to the downstream follow-up.