The market of cyclohexanone is weak and stable

Recently, the domestic market of cyclohexanone is weak and stable. The crude oil market is strong, and the cost of cyclohexanone is strongly supported. However, the downstream users mostly prepared goods last week, and the recent purchasing slowdown. According to the monitoring data of business news agency, as of April 28, the average price of domestic cyclohexanone market was 10420 yuan / ton, with a month on month increase of 12.50% and a year-on-year increase of 92.25%.

region ., Price

East China 10500-10600 yuan / ton in cash

South China 10800-11000 yuan / ton in cash

Shandong Province 10200-10400 yuan / ton cash withdrawal or delivery

In terms of raw materials, Sinopec increased the price of pure benzene by 300 yuan / ton, and implemented 7300 yuan / ton, which was implemented by all its refineries. The price is effective from April 21. Downstream, Sinopec’s high-end caprolactam price this week remained stable at 13900 yuan / ton (liquid premium products were accepted in June).

The price of pure benzene continues to rise with strong cost support, but the supply of cyclohexanone increases. Cyclohexanone analysts of business community expect that the domestic cyclohexanone market will be mainly on the wait-and-see side in the short term.