The price trend of domestic fluorite market in China was temporarily stable on September 4

On September 4, the fluorite commodity index was 104.61, unchanged from yesterday, down 17.95% from the peak of 127.49 points in the cycle (2019-01-03), and up 112.58% from the low of 49.21 points on December 18, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

PVA 1799 (PVA BF17)

According to statistics, the domestic fluorite price trend remains low, the average domestic fluorite price is 2981.25 yuan/ton as of the 4th day. Recently, the domestic fluorite plant started normally, the mine and flotation plant in the field started normally, the fluorite supply in the field is sufficient, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in the downstream has been declining in the near future. Goods are in poor condition and fluorite market prices are declining. Recent downstream installation start-up situation is general, fluorite spot supply is normal, terminal downstream demand is not improving, resulting in a decline in market prices. As of the 2nd day, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia is 2800-3000 yuan/ton, the mainstream of 97 fluorite wet powder in Fujian is 2900-3000 yuan/ton, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Henan is 2900-3000 yuan/ton, and the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Jiangxi is 2900-3100 yuan/ton. The price trend of fluorite is low.

PVA 1788 (PVA BP17)

The market price of hydrofluoric acid in the downstream of fluorite is declining. The domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid is 10 370 yuan/ton as of the 4th day. The decline of the market price of hydrofluoric acid has a negative impact on the upstream fluorite market. However, the recent start-up of hydrofluoric acid plant is general. The demand for fluorite has weakened and the price of fluorite has decreased. Recent downstream refrigerant market trading market is general, domestic refrigerant R22 market shocks down, from the market supply point of view, refrigerant R22 market continues to be weak, manufacturers reduce the start-up load, market supply capacity has decreased, inventory pressure has been buffered. On the demand side, the downstream air conditioning manufacturers’overhaul, the demand has only decreased but not increased, and the price of domestic large enterprises has dropped to 14,000-15,000 yuan per ton. The domestic market price of R134a has declined, the start-up rate of production enterprises has remained low, the market demand for refrigerants has decreased, and manufacturers mainly export their products. However, on-site transaction prices continue to decline, businesses purchase on demand, the end of the peak season, downstream terminal demand only declined but not increased, the fluorite market affected prices remain low.

Generally speaking, the downstream refrigerant industry is declining, and the supply of fluorite market is sufficient, and the demand of downstream refrigerant industry is not good. Chen Ling, an analyst of business associations, believes that the price of fluorite market may continue to decline.