Propylene oxide prices rose on August 8

Price Trend


According to the data from the business associations’list, the market price of propylene oxide rose by 3.39% as of August 8, compared with last Thursday (August 1). Today, the mainstream price of propylene oxide in China is 9,900-10,500 yuan/ton.

PVA 1799 (PVA BF17)

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Product: Propylene oxide market price rises. Propylene oxide part of the plant equipment to reduce the negative overhaul, low inventory, on-site supply slightly tense, no pressure on goods, mainstream factory prices firm, strong market intention is obvious. On the 8th, the cash delivery price of Wanhua Chemistry Shandong Mainstream Market was 10,200 yuan/ton, and that of East China Mainstream Market was 10,500 yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in eastern China is around 10,100 yuan/ton, which is remitted to Shandong; the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in Shandong is around 9,900 yuan/ton, which is remitted to factories; and the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in North China is around 9,800 yuan/ton, which is remitted to factories.

PVA 1788 (PVA BP17)

Industry chain: Shandong market price of upstream propylene dropped sharply on the 8th. The price of propylene enterprises in Shandong Province maintained stable in early August, and began to decline continuously on the 5th day. Today, the price of propylene enterprises has dropped 450-500 yuan/ton. At present, the market turnover is around 7450-7650 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price is about 7500 yuan/ton. In the downstream polyether market, new orders are weaker and more early orders are executed.

3. Future market forecast:

Propylene oxide analysts believe that, although the upstream price of propylene oxide fell sharply, the cost support of propylene oxide is insufficient, forming a negative factor, but the impact of propylene oxide is relatively limited under the strong support of the good negative reduction of propylene oxide plant. The new weakening of downstream polyether will restrict the rise of propylene oxide. Propylene oxide Market is expected to be stable or moderate in the short term.