This week trichlorethylene market analysis (3.30-4.03)

First, the price trend

According to the business community bulk chart data showed this week, the domestic prices of trichlorethylene maintenance of stability, the average price of bulk water prices in 4910 yuan / ton, and last year fell by 12.79%.

Second, the market analysis

Product: This week, Inner Mongolia, Shandong Province trichlorethylene producers normal driving, the northeast, Ningxia region part of some enterprises on the sidelines, the operating rate in general, the market price, the market price of the Inner Mongolia region of trichlorethylene at 4850-4900 yuan / ton between, Shandong Province 4900-5000 yuan / ton, 4900 yuan in Ningxia / ton;

Chain: This week trichlorethylene calcium carbide raw materials prices rise, the increase rate of 0.63% (about 15 million) or so, about the current 2400 yuan in Inner Mongolia / ton, Ningxia region around 2350-2450 yuan / ton, Shaanxi Province 2400 yuan / ton, the northeastern region around 2700 yuan / ton, the average price of calcium carbide at 2450 yuan / ton, by the downstream impact of PVC, calcium carbide is currently still in short supply, the market outlook is expected to remain at the tune; upstream chlorine reduction, the overall reduction rate of about 2.30 % (about 16 million), on the whole smaller upstream positive space, not on the current market downturn Trichloroacetyl play a significant role in driving; downstream refrigerant R134a slight increase, the increase rate of 0.32% (about 58 million) is about outlook is expected to safeguard stability-oriented; overall demand downstream of the cleaning industry in general, good space in general;

Industry: trichlorethylene sluggish market conditions, low levels for a long time, is low in five years this week, trichlorethylene operating rate rose slightly, no greater good performance is expected in the short term trichlorethylene market price will not be too Large fluctuations.

Third, the market outlook forecast

Social business analyst trichlorethylene Wangxian Guo forecasting market price correction next Wednesday chloride-based, or a slight increase in the average price of bulk water prices at 4950-5000 yuan / ton.POLYVINYL ALCOHOL (PVA, PVOH)