The domestic titanium dioxide market continued to be weak this week (6.10-6.14)

1、 Price trend


Taking the sulfuric acid method rutile type titanium dioxide with a large volume of goods in the domestic market as an example, according to data monitoring by Business Society, the domestic titanium dioxide market has been downward this week. The average price of titanium dioxide on Monday was 16116.67 yuan/ton yuan/ton, and on Friday it was 15966.67 yuan/ton, with a price reduction of 0.93%.


2、 Market analysis


The domestic titanium dioxide market continued to be weak this week. Overall, the international export situation is still good, while the domestic terminal market demand is poor. The titanium dioxide market continues to be weak, and there is a strong wait-and-see sentiment on the market. This week, some manufacturers continued to lower their factory prices, and overall, the market’s order acceptance situation remains weak. Purchasing is cautious, with a focus on just in need purchases. As of now, most domestic sulfuric acid based rutile titanium dioxide quotations are between 15400-16200 yuan/ton; The quotation for rutile titanium dioxide is around 14500-15300 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is negotiable.


In terms of titanium concentrate, the market price of titanium concentrate in the Panxi region continues to decline. Downstream titanium dioxide enterprises have a weak market situation, with poor market demand. There is a strong wait-and-see sentiment in the trading of titanium concentrate, and market procurement is cautious. As of now, the tax-free quotation for grade 38-42 titanium ore is around 1500-1550 yuan/ton, the tax-free quotation for grade 46 10 titanium concentrate is around 2200 yuan/ton, and the tax-free quotation for grade 47 20 titanium concentrate is around 2500-2630 yuan/ton. In the short term, the price of Panxi titanium concentrate may continue to operate weakly and steadily, and the specific actual transaction price will be negotiated separately.


Zhejiang Securities quoted EU documents today as stating, “The market expectation for this tariff policy in supermarkets is about 10% to 20%.”


3、 Future Market Forecast


Business Society Titanium Dioxide Analyst believes that currently, the price of titanium concentrate in the Panxi region has fallen, with weak support for raw materials and sustained weak downstream market demand. At present, the EU anti-dumping tax rate has not yet been implemented, and the market is cautious and watching. It is expected that the titanium dioxide market will remain weak and stable in the short term, and the actual transaction price will remain unchanged.