On September 28, the domestic urea price was temporarily stable

Trade name: urea


Latest price (September 28): 2553 yuan/ton


On September 28, the comprehensive price of domestic urea was temporarily stable, unchanged from that on September 27, and down 9.36% year-on-year. The upstream anthracite price rose slightly, with good cost support. Agricultural demand is small, and industrial demand is gradually expanding. The production of rubber sheet plants is low, and the purchase of rigid demand is the main demand. The production of compound fertilizer plants is increasing, and the demand for urea is slightly increasing. The price of melamine rose slightly, and the enthusiasm for urea procurement was good. In terms of supply, the daily urea production decreased slightly due to the short shutdown of units in some regions.


In the future, the domestic urea market price is expected to rise slightly, with the average market price at about 2570 yuan/ton.