Raw materials support the rise of domestic MIBK

The domestic MIBK market rose slightly, mainly due to the continuous upward support of acetone at the raw material end. Under the pressure of cost, the focus of negotiation rose by about 100-150 yuan/ton, and the overall negotiation range was 9750-9850 yuan/ton.


Some factories of raw acetone raised the listing price of 100 yuan/ton again today, which stimulated the market to go up. The growth of major acetone markets across the country was different, and most of them continued to go up. The offer in East China rose to 5480-5550 yuan/ton, and that in Shandong and North China was 5750 yuan/ton. The continuous upward movement of the market has increased the cost pressure on the downstream. The spot supply on the market is still tight, and the holders have little intention to sell at a low price. However, the profitable holders intend to ship, and the terminal just needs to purchase acetone. It is expected that the short-term acetone will be strong.


The operating rate of MIBK industry was around 80% in the week. The 15000 t/a MIBK plant in Zhenyang, Zhejiang, was shut down for maintenance on September 17. The operating rate of the industry was around 7 cities. The quotation of the supplier was pushed up, and the price may continue to rise in the short term