On September 23, the acetic acid market price continued to rise

Trade name: acetic acid

Latest price (September 23): 8350.00 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: according to the monitoring of bulk data of business society, the acetic acid market continued to rise. On September 23, the price of acetic acid was 8350 yuan / ton, an increase of 300 yuan / ton compared with the previous working day, with a single day increase of 3.73%. The start-up of domestic acetic acid plants is low, the acetic acid plants of manufacturers in North China and Northwest China are shut down for maintenance, the production of limited films in Shandong and Jiangsu is reduced, the acetic acid plants of many factories in the site are shut down for maintenance or limited production, the enterprise inventory is tight, the manufacturer’s quotation is increased, the supply of goods in the market continues to be tight, the traders have an obvious rising attitude, and the acetic acid market is up.

Future forecast: the domestic acetic acid market is short of supply, the price is strong at a high level, the downstream purchase is rational, and it is difficult to make up for the on-site supply gap in a short time. It is expected that the future market will run at a high level, and pay attention to the downstream transaction.