Hydrogenated benzene fundamentals are good, supporting price to rise 7.63% in one week (April 19-23)

From April 19 to 23, 2021, the ex factory price of hydrogenated benzene in North China decreased. The domestic ex factory price was 6550 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 7050 yuan / ton at the end of the week, with a weekly rise of 7.63%.

This week (April 19-23), the market price of hydrobenzene in Shandong Province fluctuated slightly, with 6575 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 7125 yuan / ton at the end of the week, up 550 yuan / ton.

In April 2021, Sinopec’s pure benzene listing price was raised five times, and now it is 7300 yuan / ton, of which Qilu Petrochemical is 7250 yuan / ton, and this week it is raised twice, with a total of 450 yuan / ton.

This week, with the price of pure benzene rising, the domestic pure benzene station reached 7000 yuan / ton. Sinopec raised the ex factory price of pure benzene twice in a row, while the price of hydrogenated benzene increased significantly. Next week is approaching the 51st holiday, there is a certain stock demand in the downstream, and the downstream unsaturated resin is in the peak season of the industry, and the demand for hydrogenated benzene and pure benzene is stable. Styrene inventory is low, spot circulation is tight, and market price is firm. Multiple positive support, hydrobenzene prices rose significantly.

In the future, the business community believes that there are many favorable factors in the fundamentals at present. In addition, the bidding price of upstream raw material crude benzene has increased sharply this week, which can further support the high price of hydrogenated benzene. However, the current price has increased greatly, and the downstream enterprises have a little resistance. Moreover, the port pure benzene inventory is now stable at about 110000 tons, and the speed of de inventory is slowing down. It is expected that the high price will fluctuate in the future, The rise is weak.