Price rise in China’s domestic DMF Market

According to the data monitored by the business agency, as of January 13, the average quotation price of domestic high-quality DMF enterprises was 8300 yuan / ton, and the domestic DMF market price had a wide increase, with an increase of about 600 yuan / ton in just a few days, and the focus of the negotiation was high.


The quotation of domestic DMF market is firm, the negotiation price rises slightly, and the price of domestic DMF market rises. Near the end of the year, the traders have compact stock preparation, the manufacturers are active in shipping, the logistics is smooth, the negotiation center is high, the price is willing to support, the downstream just needs to purchase, the trading volume of new orders has increased, the buying mentality still exists, and the inventory is normal. The mainstream price in East China is 8400-8600 yuan / ton, and that in South China is 8700-8800 yuan / ton.


The upstream methanol market is in stable operation as a whole, the price in Guangdong increases slightly, the operating rate is normal, Shandong Hualu region is in stable operation, South China, northeast and southwest regions are in stable operation, East China has a slight upward trend, and the methanol market will be mainly consolidated in the short term.


On January 12, the chemical industry index was 809 points, down 3 points from yesterday, down 20.37% from 1016 points (2012-03-13), the highest point in the cycle, and up 35.28% from 598 points, the lowest point on April 8, 2020. (Note: period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now)


Business agency DMF analysts believe that: in the short term, the domestic DMF market is relatively strong, the focus of negotiation is on the high side, and the negotiation atmosphere is good. (the above prices are provided by major DMF manufacturers all over the country and sorted out and analyzed by business DMF analysts. They are for reference only. For more price details, please contact relevant manufacturers for consultation.)